Thursday, October 9, 2008

Splurge vs. Steal (x2)

Yay! It's splurge vs. steal. Although I do have to say that I am torn when I feature a splurge vs. steal because that typically means that some designer knocked off another designer and I don't think that's necessarily okay. But then for those of us on a budget it's a good thing because well, we like to look good too. So what can I say? Imitation IS the sincerest from of flattery. Am I right? Am I right?

If you read my post highlighting some of my favorite finds from the Resort 09 collections then you may remember this pair.

Sergio Rossi Platform Patent Slingback

Well thanks to Lindsay a loyal reader and, dare I say, cyber friend I discovered these little beauties by Jessica Simpson through a link she posted in the comments section.

Quite a match, wouldn't you say? If you buy them don't forget to use the discount code Heels08 at check out.

My next splurge vs. steal features a very popular style. All of you fashionistas will recognize this lust-worthy pair immediately.

YSL Tribute Sandal

Argh! I want these. No. I need these. Except I really need them in the purple. This shoe is so utterly amazing. But for those of us on a budget you can purchase this pair below for a fraction of the price.

So that will be all for this episode (episode?) of Splurge Vs. Steal. Hope you enjoyed today's featured shoes. Happy shopping everyone!


Lindsay said...

I actually also own a "knock-off version" of the YSL tribute - the Guess Trivan heel. I absolutely love it and it is very comfortable for how high the heel is. Recently I have really been loving them with navy blue tights...

What I have learned about knock-offs is that it is so common in the shoe industry. Pretty much every shoe is in some way a knock-off of a runway shoe - the designs trickle down. I think that's pretty much how it's done in the fashion world, just like the speech about the blue sweater in The Devil Wears Prada.

Shoezq said...

Lindsay - you are so right, I know. It's defintely the trickle effect. Thanks for making me feel better about finding the "steals" and thanks for your Rolly contribution. I wouldn't have discovered it without you.