Monday, October 13, 2008

Shoe Trying Spree - Third Time's a Charm

Made plans to meet my friend Lizzy (a.k.a. Smitten Kitten) at the mall on Saturday to check out Macy's "Buy More Save More" Sale. Thought we might be able to combine our resources. Was a good idea in theory, not so much in practice. Smitten Kitten was looking for a pair of riding boots. I was looking for anything that caught my eye. The idea of finding the perfect pair of gray boots was in the back of my mind but I thought my search would more than likely prove to be futile.

1st Stop -Macy's

Jessica Simpson Daila Heel

Yes it's these again. I tried them on for the second time. Well, actually, I tried one of them on for the second time. The salesman brought out the box and it only had one shoe in it. Yes, you heard me. Of course my first thought was well maybe the other shoe is on display.
Ummm... no. The pair on display is a size 6. Keyword. Pair. So I got his attention to let him no there was only one shoe in the box. The scurrying commenced. They couldn't find it. Ooookay.
I decide that I want a brown pump with more of a stacked heel. Oh, and the other shoe. I found it. It was displayed over in the handbag section, with the JS purses.

Smitten Kitten spied these with her little eye. Eh. What the hell? Why not? Liked them but didn't LOOOVE them. They felt and looked a little too cheap.

These had caught my shopping companions interest when we were doing a little pre-browsing on the internets. Really cute and the leather looks and feels high quality but they did this funny little bunching around her ankles. She was also holding out for a pretty little pair she spied on the Aldo website. More about those a little later.

On the way out I tried on these from the display. They were REALLY cute on. Smitten Kitten was not thrilled with them on the table but she was sold once I put them on my feet. Made a tentative plan to re-visit these if I didn't have any luck elsewhere. Then off we went to stop #2.

2nd stop - Nordie's

As soon as we rounded the corner towards Nordie's I spied a table with not one but two pairs of gray boots. Are those angels I hear? A chorus of them, no less. My eye is first drawn to these.

And then sitting just below the Michael Kors boot was this pair.

I asked to try both of them on. I just knew the Circa Joan & David boot wouldn't fit around my "giant" 15" calves. I had to give myself options. I tried on the Michael Kors Boot first. It was a pull on. I knew I wouldn't have any trouble slipping into them and I didn't. Smitten Kitten wasn't digging on them as much as I was. She felt they were a little too Captain Hook or Captain Jack Sparrow or insert your favorite pirate's name here. Some of you may or may not remember but I have blogged about the "Pretty" boot here and here. Nordstrom didn't have the gray in my size but they did have the black. I slipped my foot into them positive I would never get them zipped. And then a miracle occurred. They zipped all the way up! They zipped all the way up! I pranced around the floor for a bit and pulled my jeans up to make sure I didn't have the dreaded calf muffin top. Eureka! No muffin top. Oh and guess what??? They were on sale. I know! It was meant to be. Marked down from $250 to $149. Sold! The sales girl checked and they were only available on-line BUT they are still regular price on-line. No worries. One quick phone call from Allison and the price adjustment was complete. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I should get them in 3-4 days.

Next stop - Aldo (It was Smitten Kitten's turn)

SK was on a mission and her mission was this little beauty below.

As far as riding boots are concerned, these are pure perfection. There is a gorgeous brass buckle on the side and perforated detailing at the vamp and ankle. Smitten Kitten was sold. While she was busy prancing around the store in all her whiskey hued leather glory I became intrigued with these.


I'm so happy I slipped the display on. They were so hot! I love the cone shaped heel and the elastic (of course). It took me all of 2 seconds to decide they would be mine. Done and done. Can't wait to pair these with a wealth of looks as the weather turns. I hope everyone had a weekend as fulfilling as mine. Happy Monday everyone!

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