Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

Hm. Doesn't seem to have the same ring to it as Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! But no matter. Lovely ladies who reside near San Francisco do I have a deal for you! (I'm seriously jealous - BTW.) I've never been to California and I'm not familiar with the lay of the land but I'm thinking even if you don't live really close to San Fran this is worth the commute. I was recently contacted by Kelly the events director at the handbag and shoe line Goldenbleu and she asked if I would be interested in posting an evite to their big warehouse sale taking place this weekend. Um, of course I'm interested! And don't you love getting the inside scoop? So ladies, check it out below.

Do NOT miss your opportunity to get 60% - 85% off retail on some seriously gorgeous shoes. If you're not familiar with Goldenbleu I have pasted the text from the about section on their website below.

Goldenbleu was born from the desire to create a more exciting and original line of handbags than traditional mass-produced designer labels. What began as a project to create accessories that exuded quality and sophistication with a fresh perspective grew quickly into a full-blown line of handbags, clutches and totes. After consistent praise and overwhelming positive reaction, in 2004, Goldenbleu officially launched into the highly competitive and crowded handbag market. Goldenbleu quickly distinguished itself with its striking designs and luxurious leathers and continues to captivate discerning shoppers the world over.

Since the launch of the company four years ago, celebrity trend-setters such as Cameron Diaz, Rachel Bilson and Lucy Liu, have been spotted wearing Goldenbleu's sleek hobos, clutches and totes. The ever-evolving brand has grown to include shoes, boots, coin purses as well as travel bags. Sold in over 400 boutiques and high-end department stores in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, devotion to the brand has spread and intensified, with women everywhere embracing the Goldenbleu look and lifestyle.

Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity but make sure you RSVP to

If you're going, I'm a size 6.5 and I love heels. The higher the better. Damn it! This is so not fair. Also if you do go I'd love to hear from you and all about any amazing finds you might have picked up. I promise I won't be too envious. Oh and if you want to learn more about Goldenbleu check them out here.

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