Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gray skies are gonna clear up!

It has been a gloomy day here in the ol' STL. Yet even before the rain and the clouds appeared I had been staring at my gray Nine West pointed toe sling backs and thinking "It's time for new pair of gray shoes." I also had another thought in the back of my mind that I would like to purchase a pair of gray boots this season. Then something happened. I either (a) am being stalked by the web team and buyers for and they are able to read my inner most thoughts and desires or (b) God really wants me to get a new pair of gray shoes(and boots). Now you may be wondering what it is that happened to make me think these crazy thoughts. Well, I got this in my inbox today.

Oh cruel, cruel world! Why must you taunt me so? Why must you tease me, mercilessly?

Why? When you know I am on a major budget right now and the last thing I am able to do is purchase more shoes!!! Grrrr!!!

Ah but no worries, my fine friends. Two new pairs of gray shoes will be mine this season. Hopefully, my shoe buying hiatus will end soon! Think good thoughts, okay?

See below for a few I'm considering.

Oh Deer! Cupcake Peep Toe Mary Jane

The boots pictured below are NOT from you will find them at Nordstrom and they are on sale right now. Oh these are so gorgeous I can't stand it!


Kristal said...

Ugh, those boots make my heart go pitter patter...

Brigid said...

LOVING the "Oh Deer" ones. I have to purchase the Elegy boots by Nine West in gray you posted about a little bit ago. Gray is just way too tempting and like you I am on a little bit of a shoe budget at the moment. Sigh!

kari said...

I'm in love with those boots!

G&D said...

Those boots are swoon-worthy! I hear ya on the spending freeze thing--I'm in the same boat right now, too. :( Hope you're able to find some room in your shoe-budget soon!