Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Since 2002 Stuart Weitzman, Founder and Designer behind Stuart Weitzman shoes has been creating shoes exclusive for the Oscars called "The Red Carpet Collection". The 2011 collection features over 35 elegant styles for celebrities and their stylists to choose from. Celebrities that have been seen sporting these gorgeous designs this awards season include Jewel, Norah Jones, Julianne Hough, Christina Hendricks and Julia Stiles. Following the Oscars, select styles from the collection will be available for purchase in the fall 0f 2011 at the Stuart Weitzman retail store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Recently, I had the unique opportunity to ask the man himself a few questions about this endeavor.

AGGTS: I know you've been designing shoes exclusively for the Oscar Red Carpet since 2002, what triggered the idea?

Stuart Weitzman: We call it our Red Carpet Collection. The celebrities and stylists are our most discerning customers, so I thought that I should give them a sneak peak at what is to come for Fall. The shoes are always new, fresh styles that the public has not yet seen.

AGGTS: What was the inspiration behind this year's collection?

Stuart Weitzman: I was inspired by simplicity and throw-back glamour. You'll notice that the silhouettes are simple but what makes them so beautiful are the materials we've done them in.

AGGTS: What red carpet trends are you loving this season?

Stuart Weitzman: I'm loving the extreme platforms. They don't raise the pitch, but they still give a nice lift.

AGGTS: What types of trends in shoes do you see most actresses gravitating towards?

Stuart Weitzman: The extreme platforms. The women love to be tall, and the added height can also be used for practical purposes, such as if she's wearing a sweeping gown.

AGGTS: Who do you think will earn this year's best actress nod?

Stuart Weitzman: I think Natalie Portman will win.


Colonic Cleansing said...

Wow...very gorgeous...fabulous designs!!! And yeah, Natalie Portman won for Black Swan.

Irene said...

Love those shoes!
xoxo irene