Friday, January 29, 2010

Over The (W)Edge

Ash - Lovely Suede Wedge

There is something about this wedge by Ash that is sending me over the edge. I'm not quite certain I can put my finger on it... Perhaps it's the muted slate gray(ish) hue, or the brass studs, or the bold cut outs and rocker chic vibe. This is a shoe that is completely out of my element but in a really good way. To be honest I'm not a big wedge person typically. As strange as this may seem I find it easier to teeter around in my stiletto heels than to balance precariously on a wedge. I blame my weak ankles and propensity for having them "go out on me" particularly when I'm wearing a wedge. Well... ankles be damned I say. These just may be ending up in my closet very soon.

1 comment:

erinalter said...

ok these are so very very nice. i am loving the strap that buckles around the heel!