Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shoes, Glorious, Shoes!

I'm sure it will came as no surprise that as soon as I spied these I knew I had to have them and that I had to share my find with all of you.

Marcia - Vince Camuto

I know! Deep intake of breath. Could these scream my name any louder? Obviously this little beauty has garnered inspiration from these.

And that is a.O.K. with me.

It has been a while since a shoe has made my heart skip a beat like Marcia has. This heel is so utterly extraordinary. From the sumptuous stone (read nude) suede, to the multiple buckled straps, to the perfect ruffle dotting the t-strap. Plus they are about 1/10 the price of the Loubies. I am picturing pairing these with a wealth of frocks come spring but I know they will work well with many fall/winter looks as well. However if the stone doesn't tickle your fancy you can also get them in


Anonymous said...

::GASP:: Those need to be in my life.

ShoeZQ said...

@Kristal - Perhaps a little post pregnancy present?

Mars said...

I'm loving those shoes! I just have to come up with a reason to "treat" myself this close to Christmas! lol