Friday, November 13, 2009

Gorgeous Black Bootie

Can't wait to see what kind of visitors I get because of that post title ;) But seriously folks, I have been eyeballing these bad boys for a long while now. Sadly, is sold out of my size but don't worry I signed up to be notified when/if my size comes back in stock. Anyhoo I really think these would be the perfect addition to my shoe closet. They really strike that balance between feminine and fierce so perfectly. That balance I've been searching for, for well over a year now.

Planet - Guess

Seriously? Seriously! These are hot. From the lace up, to the bondage like straps and the silver toned hardware, and the super skinny 4 inch stiletto heel. Aye mami! How could anyone not feel fabulous in these?


Onika said...

OOh a shoe blog! How did I miss this?! Love. You can tell I'm obsessed with clothing because the title didn't even phase me until you mentioned it-then I thought about it again and the water I was drinking came shooting out of my nose from laughing! If you're into it, you should check out the AMAZING shoes I got the other day :)

lorenabr said...

Love shoes like crazy:) They look amazing Cool blog by the way

Pinky Platinum said...

If they don't get them in stock, they are available in all sizes on Looks like shipping is free on them too.

Fashion By He said...

those are hot!!

-He approves