Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poor Man's Pigalle

If you are a lover of all things shoes like I am you have certainly seen these by now. Seriously, why does that Louboutin have to be such a friggin GENIUS. It's pure torture, I tell you.

Now while these aren't an exact replica, obviously, they do show hints of the Pigalle, especially in the shape. And I do sort of love the capped studded detailing as opposed to the all over studs on the Loubies. Now add in the contrasting heel which has the sheen of a metallic and this is a spectacularly sassy pump. Let's have a little look see at what these bad boys look like on, shall we?

Man I really love that video feature on A seriously ingenious move.


T-Charry said...

they look REALLY good on, I think I prefer the Guess Carlile Pump...the Loubie HOTT but, I don't like the studs ALL over

eednic said...

I'm drooling right now thanks!! >:O

Man oh man I love those shoes.

TheShoeGirl said...

EEEGADS! I wore mine today (the 120mm version... meaning HIGH) and now I'm icing my poor feet! haha

Malin said...

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