Friday, October 2, 2009

Flirty and Fabulous Friday

Well I managed to get the entire day off of work today so the hubs and I can kick off our romantic weekend a little sooner than later. And what better way to kick of a romantic getaway than with a little "Flirty and Fabulous Friday". I received my daily email from Who What Wear Daily yesterday morning touting leopard accessories are all the rage. Now unless you've been living on Mars this will certainly not be news to you. I've been loving leopard for years and really consider it more of a classic or wardrobe staple, anything but a "trend". Alright I'll stop yammering and show you some shoes, since I know that's all you really come here for anyway :)

Lizza Pump - Jessica Simpson

This pump is practically perfect in every way. The shape is spot on and I love the mini peep toe. Plus there is something about a fabric upper in a leopard print that I just love. I had a pair of leopard peep toes that were pony hair and they hair rubbed off. I have since replaced them with a fabric version which so happened to be the subject of my very first blog post. Click here if you're curious. I tried this shoe on in black at Dillards recently and it is really cute on. But
( since I'm a crazy video embedding fool) if you don't believe me take a look see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a good (not gaudy) pair of leopard pumps everywhere, those JS ones are perfect! Now you need to find us some great leopard flats!

Kayla said...

We have leopard pumps at my work too! Same with leopard flats. In fact we have leopard leggings, and leopard cami's so I am being a leopard for Halloween because I'm sure it will be the only costume I can get for under $20.00 (Hooray for discounts!)

Jennifer said...

I love leopard...always have. I think it comes from loving Dolce & Gabbana and they always have some form of it in their line!