Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey JC, JC You're Alright By Me

Jeffrey Campbell that is. You may have thought I meant the OTHER JC but this is a shoe blog after all. I heart these. I heart them in the pink. I need them in the pink. I'm trying hard to think of a way I can buy these without the hubs finding out. He thinks I need new shoes like a need a hole in the head. Silly boys. Don't they know a girl can NEVER. ever. have too many shoes.

Jeffrey Campbell Roller

Ugh unfortunately my size seems to sold out everywhere. They do come in gray and black and I suppose I would settle for the gray but the pink(excuse me fuchsia), it's haunting my dreams. These are so gorg. From the cut out ankle cuff to the mini wedge. I'm about to have a full blown temper tantrum here. Does anyone know how I can get my hands on these?

Okay now before I end this post I wanted to tell you dear readers that I will be having my first giveaway tomorrow!!!! Friday is my 1 year blogoversary so to celebrate I have managed to coordinate not one, not two, but three giveaways and number four is in the works. So be sure to come back on Friday for a chance to win and tell your friends!


FaithJ said...

Love the shoes, even in black and grey they are unique enough to stand out! I LOLed at your headline reference, I get it, I love it!

Hmmm...on the topic of husbands not understanding the shoe purchases, if you have any advice on how to go about that, please blog on it! I have that same issue with my husband of 11 months. He thinks all shoes should cost like $40 at the most!

JGeb said...

OMG these are freakin' amazing. I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes oh so much. I hope you can get your hands on a pair...if I come across any I'll let you know!

Laurie said...

Men just don't understand there's something special about shoes. Maybe because men's shoes are so dull. All a man needs is a pair of dress shoes, flip-flops and running shoes and they say they have enough shoes!

Addict said...

Happy 1 year! Boys need thing sto be put in comparison with their lives.

Why are you watching that reality TV show- it is like sports to me. REAL (ish).

Why do you have so many shoes- they are my video game equivalent.

I tried to get Mr. Argumentative to quite the TV show 24 promising I would quit Desperate Houswives... He failed. I won :-)

Cassie said...

sniff sniff...not my size either..