Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty in Pink (Round 2)

And in this corner we have a Betsey Johnson wedge, haling from New York, and weighing in at approximately 2.3 pounds please give it up for HIIIIIIIITTTTTCCCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!

Betsey Johnson - Hitch

Ms. Johnson does it again with this playfully flirty wedge. I don't know how she does it but I love the creativity and imagination put forth here. The combination of textures manages to work just perfectly. From the bi-colored raffia wedge, to the rich snake embossed leather, to the striped fabric bow. Pretty, feminine, and ideal for the girlie girl in all of us.


dreamer0703 said...

OMG.. i luv these pink platform wedges, looks so adorable and easy to walk!

chin said...

of all the shoes,i'm mostly comfortable with wedges. and i love pink! so this pink platform wedge just caught my full attention! lol

i wanna have it :)