Thursday, April 23, 2009

DVF - A Love Affair

I received my daily email from Shop It To Me today. If you are not already familiar with Shop It To Me the website claims you can think of it as your very own personal shopper. You sign up, choose your favorite designers and then Shop It To Me will send you a daily or weekly email featuring the latest sales for all of your faves. Anyhoo I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this but I love (adore) DVF. That's Diane Von Furstenberg for those of you not "in the know". Today's email featured tons of gorgeous designs by DVF for crazy discount prices and well... I simply couldn't resist. Ladies. Meet my newest DVF. The best part. She was only $109.50!!!!

Don't you think she'll look adorable with the Theory wedges I recently purchased from Gilt (they shipped today BTW... so excited)?

And speaking of shipping today. I received an email in my inbox at 6:23 with the tracking information for my DVF dress. Seriously???? I just placed the order this afternoon!!! That DVF. She does something, and she does it right. I love her even more now!

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Jamie said...

how does shop it to me work? I went to the site but couldn't figure out how to sign up.


I LOVE that dress btw. Since we both live in STL, I will make sure not to buy it. God forbid we rock the same dress!