Monday, October 6, 2008

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style + Tears = Redonkulous

The date: Saturday, October 4
The time: Noon - 1:00 p.m.

I''m sitting on my bed minding my own business after getting out of the shower, flipping through the channels, and on comes Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Bravo was replaying the season premier from Thursday and I quickly settled in with great anticipation. I am soon introduced to this adorable woman who recently moved to New York from D.C. Meredith. She is getting lost in her ill fitting suits and cable knit sweaters and is looking to find her style in the city that never sleeps. I like her instantly. (I won't bore you with all of the details but I certainly encourage you to check it out when they show it again, cause you know they will. ) However I will touch upon my two favorite moments. After receiving closet rehab and a few tips from Gretta and Tim, Meredith gets an amazing opportunity to visit Gilles Mendel and the design studios of J. Mendel. Intake of breath moment # 1. Not only does Meredith get the honor and priviledge of meeting Gilles. She gets the honor and priviledge of trying on some of his amazing designs. (In case you don't know visiting a designers showroom and trying on gorgeous duds is pretty par for the course on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style.) As Meredith came out in dress after dress I, of course, paid special attention to the shoes. Louboutins were definitely the order of the day and Meredith glided out gracefully in every pair. I took note of one particular pair.

The Christian Louboutin Lady Gres

However, the pair Meredith was sporting was a gorgeous black satin and I can not find a picture of them anywhere. So there they are above, in pewter. Her time at J. Mendel was over far too soon and Tim sent her back to the dressing room to change into her street clothes. Cut to Meredith coming back out from the dressing room and back to reality. She's wearing her street clothes all right but my girl is still sporting those Loubies. Sneaky little thing. Of course Tim noticed and made her give them back but how adorable is that? Oh and so would have done the same thing. Come on, you know you would have too.

After all was said and done Meredith put on a little runway show for all of her family and friends and everyone who helped her through the process was there as well. Everyone including Gilles Mendel. Well guess what Gilles did? He gave those beautiful Loubies to Meredith. Intake of breath moment # 2. Oh and I teared up. Teared up!!!!! That's right. I started crying while watching a show about fashion.

Why can't something like that happen to me? Ugh! So. Not. Fair.

A tiny glimpse of Meredith wearing her new shoes.


G+D said...

OMG, that's incredible! I would have cried, too!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! I watched that show yesterday and couldn't get those shoes out of my head. I went to CL website today to try to find them, then just googled "Louboutins worn on Tim Gunn's show" and you came up. I would love to know where to find them in satin.