Friday, October 3, 2008


Argh! I can hardly believe I'm saying this but... I am loving this shoe by... (don't judge) Paris Hilton. The suede, the bow, I'm done in. A beautiful shoe in one of THE colors of the season and at a great price point too. I've never felt one way or the other about Paris. I know that there are people out there that either love her or hate her. I am neither. I do know one thing. She may act dumb but I truly think that's all it is, an act. Love her or hate her these shoes are hot!


Sea-Squared said...

Not a huge Paris fan but I puffy heart these!

G+D said...

Ugh. I hate to admit it but I have to agree--these shoes are beautiful!!

chin said...

destiny--> this is really destined for my feet! i just love it! it's amazing!

i'm not a huge paris fan but i have to say that i lovvee ittt!!! <3