Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shoes with Attitude

I very recently discovered footwear designer Ruthie Davis while trolling though all of the beautiful shoes at Now this is a woman who loves her some shoes. At the tender age of 2 Ruthie tried on her first pair of red patent leather mary janes and she has been hooked ever since. You'll find Ruthie's shoes on many a celebrity foot, from Beyonce, to Alicia Keys, and Hilary Duff just to name a few. Her design aesthetic has a very architectural feel but she manages to blend it very well with classic shapes and spot on details. Ruthie's shoes are fierce, fun, and have some serious attitude. Just check out these little beauties below and see for yourself.

Button Mary Jane Pump

Ummm... hello there. No, don't worry, I don't mind if you stare. Yes, they are fabulous, aren't they?(This is the inner monologue I would be having in my head if I owned these little gems) One part demure mary jane, one part sexy vixen with a little dominatrix thrown in. Perfection.

Flower Kittie Pump

I sort of love these. In my opinion, the gold chain flower detail is just a touch shy from being over the top and THAT is why I love them.

Nut Runway Mary Jane Pump

I love the contrast of berry and brown here. So very chic and so very now. Then do an about face and you have three silver studs dotting the heel. I love it when a shoe looks good coming and going, don't you?

Neutra Classic Patent Pump

A perfect nude in a classic shape. Every girl should own one.

Koolhaus Mary Jane Pump

My shoes can beat up your shoes! I love the platform and, of course, the dual straps teamed with spiked silver studs. Is it just me or do these scream with a "Don't mess with me!" vibe?

Wanna see some more? Be sure to check out the Davis by Ruthie Davis website here. Go on! Do it! I double dog dare you.


Lindsay said...

She actually just started a blog - you should definitely check it out:

Diabolina 3.1 said...

those are amazing!!!!!!!! love the spike ones most of all! thanks for the tip!

ShoeZQ said...

Oh Diabolina I'm so glad you like them. I love the brown/berry mjs with the studded heels.

G+D said...

Mmmm...the first and third pair made me drop my jaw. Love them!!

ShoeZQ said...

D - I am dying for those studded mary janes. Dying!

betabelita said...

The Flower Kitties are fuuuun!

Pinky said...

love the gold onrs