Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Why is it the instant I realize I can't have something, the more I want it? It happened with the JS Dany. (As you all know I did manage to get my hands on those) And now it is happening with this guy...

Nine West - Donley

Completely utilitarian chic, I love the sleek buckled accents, lace up, lug sole. I love it all!

Image source

I love this campaign by the way. How many of us have done that on a regular basis? But damn it these shoes!!!! Nine West currently has these on pre-order and they are already out of my size. I must get my hands on a pair. Let the stalking commence!


Faith J. said...

Ugh! I feel you on not being able to get what you want. 6pm has a sale today on all their Stuart Weitzman and Circa Joan & David shoes. Those are my two fave shoe brands. I want to buy them all! But I'm saving my money for vacation. **sigh**

~ronda said...

these are super cute, but i swore never to shop nine west again after a run in i had with a sales person at their shop here in austin.

(i did order the clogs in your post yesterday!)

Jamie said...

Wow -- those are some gorgeous shoes! Hope you can make them yours...and soon!