Friday, July 23, 2010

Recently Purchased...

I thought I'd begin a new feature here on A Girl's Guide to Shoes to show you all what has made it from shopping bag to my closet. Despite popular belief, I don't only buy shoes : ) But don't worry, there's a pair in there.

Eyelet Dahlia Blouse - Anthropologie

You will NOT believe the deal I scored on this blouse (Although I am definitely planning on styling it more like a short sleeved jacket/blazer). The picture here does not do this little beauty justice. It is gorgeous! And although not currently available online I found it a my local Anthro so check yours and maybe you'll luck out too. I paid $39.95 for this blouse and the original price was $148! So excited about this purchase because I know I'll be able to style it in a variety of ways and get so much wear out it.

Garden Party Necklace - Anthropologie

Nine West - Stellen

Can I tell you how much I heart facebook? Yeah the social networking aspect is great but I am LOVING all of the deals I've scored by being a facebook fan of different brands like DVF or Nine West. Yesterday there was a post on my wall about a flash sale Nine West was having and when I clicked the link I found these. Just $23.75 + tax! I even managed to find a coupon code for free shipping!

Rachel Reinhardt Chandelier Earrings courtesy of Gilt Groupe

Another site I heart. Gilt Groupe. If you aren't a member yet. What on earth are you waiting for? You can click the invite link on my sidebar and join today. But if you are a member you know what I'm talking about. And as for these earrings they are part of my new pact to myself. My new pact of less is more when it comes to jewels. Spend more money on quality costume pieces and start getting rid of the cheap stuff. Paid $50 for them and they retail for $135!

Coach - Alexandra Collection

Alright in full disclosure this is not yet purchased but is soon to be. Especially since I have a gift card and a 25% off coupon burning a giant hole in my pocket. I'm partial to the kelly green but I wanted to show you how versatile this baby is. One bag that you can wear/carry three different ways. Genius!


Michelle said...

I bought the brown Alexandra purse at Coach a couple of weeks ago, and it is fantastic! Very easy to carry, and flexible. LOVE IT!

holly in heels said...

Great picks, missy! Thanks for letting us into your closet :) Happy Friday!

melissa said...

Aww, I wish I could find good deals at anthropologie! Very cute!

Amy said...

Another up and coming site is I just got an email from them and they said their preview phase is almost over and the full site is going to launch soon. The more sales the better I think! :)