Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This JUST In!

I quite literally was stopped in my tracks by an email I received from today! The Dany is IN! I just bought mine. Click here to get yours!


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Awww damnit! I just bought 2 pairs of Sam Edelman shoes yesterday!!!

*as I click the link to the shoes*

Miss Emma Kitty said...

Love em ! Which ones did you get ? I just bought some different Jessica shoes, so I will have to wait this one out.

ShoeZQ said...

@ God's Favorite Shoes! - I wanna know what Sam Edelman's you bought and did you get the Dany???

ShoeZQ said...

@Miss Emma Kitty - I bought the cognac pair. Figured they would work with all the neutrals.

Ariane said...

Do you know how they fit?
My size is 6.5 and they don´t have that.