Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday? Moi?

Continuing the quest for all things birthday I decided to take a gander around yesterday. I often forget about this website and I'm not sure why. To me, is like a cooler, hipper older sister that always seems to have those items that are just beyond my sartorial reach. Do you suppose it is possible to attain a chic status while still maintaining my feminine aesthetic? Now when I say feminine I am referring to my affinity towards florals and bows, nipped in waists, and bright jewels. However when you take a look at it is teeming with well cut neutrals, hip prints, and bold metallic baubles. While I believe it is incredibly important to stay true to myself, I find that I am itching to reach beyond my comfort zone and shake things up. Here is what I'm eyeballing to help me do just that.

Report Signature - Vandalia

I love how this bootie manages to be both hip and chic while still emitting a slightly feminine vibe via the peeptoe and high collar. The metal grommets toughen up the look and keep these right on trend.

This gal still has a few short days until my big day and you better believe I will be continuing my birthday quest. Until tomorrow...


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I think those booties are so chic! They actually look like they'd be pretty comfy too! (But really, who cares about comfort when it comes to fashion, right?)

And happy early birthday!

ShoeZQ said...

So glad you like the booties Leslie and thanks for the b-day wishes!

holly in heels said...

These are some daaarring booties! SO fun!