Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Going to the Chapel

Chinese Laundry - Daisey

If the hubs and I were planning to renew our vows this year these babies would be on the short list. A gorgeous shape that is sure to not only look sexy on but would be flattering to boot. I can just imagine how the baguette shaped rhinestones will sparkle as you walk down the aisle. And, bonus, it's topped off with a delightfully delicate bow. I do.


Courtney said...

so cute! i'm tempted to get them for mine this summer! hmmm.

Jewels For Hope said...

ah! I love these :)

emily page koch said...

i agree with courtney - very cute! although i feel like my feet would kill me for wearing them for too long. :)

Anonymous said...

I like Chinese Laundry. Had some on yesterday.

holly in heels said...

I love these, great find girl! So satiny and shiny--they're just the right amount of elegant + unique.

Brett Sutcliffe said...

Love those shoes..
Btw why called Chinese laundry?? :p