Monday, March 8, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

Olsenboye - Madeline

While I was browsing the latest ad/coupon book to come in the mail from JCPenney I almost passed out from shock when I saw these. Not a store that is typically known to entice me with its shoes (um ever) I was pleasantly surprised to see this sweet little heel. The less surprising part is that these are part of the Olsenboye collection for Jacque Penay. Those Olsen twins have got it goin on. Don't think I'll be buying them since they are made with a synthetic material and well I'm not down with synthetics when it comes to shoes but I am tempted to try them on. Just for fun. This is a fashion foward pump with a sweet and sexy shape and the price is just right. Sah-Weet!

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holly in heels said...

Wow, that reeeeally IS a pleasant surprise! I'm interest in JCP now and their shoe selection. It's def not a regular shoe stop for me either, but you never know! Thanks for the tip :)