Monday, March 22, 2010

High or Low

I hope everyone had a glorious weekend. The weather in "the Lou" was horrible with a capital H. So much for the first days of spring. It was cold, rainy, and dreary. Thankfully I've got pretty sandals to distract me from the crappy weather.

Guess - Tablet

When I first spied the above I was smitten. A sexy platform heel in a killer shape dotted with studs in a spicy nude leather. The back zip adds to their overall appeal. I'm just really loving that look right now. Hmm... I'm already picturing sporting these with a wealth of outfits.

And then I spied these. A flattened down version that is equally as chic as it is appealing. Great for those days when I'm planning to run errands or power shop. What to do? How's a girl to choose? Maybe I don't have to.


holly in heels said...

Wow, these are both gorgeous, I simply cannot decide! I'm always swaying towards HIGH, but the LOW pick you found is so stylish. Great finds once again!

FaithJ said...

On Tuesday, you can wear these in STL! I prefer the flats, but they're both fantastic.

SarahJ said...

I <3 the flats! Nice find...