Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let's Get Nautical!

Nautical. It's a look that promises to be everywhere for Spring/Summer 2010. I am definitely planning on incorporating this look into my rotation in some way. I haven't quite decided how but the good news is I've got lots of options and so do you. I love the idea of incorporating nautical through shoes and here are a couple options that tickle my fancy.

It's the combination of colors + the platform + the sweet little bow + the red patent piping (okay pretty much the whole shoe) that evokes a pin-up vibe and I like it. Can't you just picture these paired with white shorts and a striped tee?

Nine West - Eastbound

Now the Eastbound has a similar feel but with the oh so fab addition of a t-strap and stripes. Plus don't you just love the contrasting platform and heel. So ladies, what say you? Are you planning on hitting up this trend this season? And if so will it be in shoes?


valerie said...

hey i have just sumbled across the site and i love it. i agree anutical is back in and i will be following you .

jenna said...

I LOVE the Nine West shoes. They are so cute and definitely nautical.


goodwillgirl said...

Well, I've always been a sucker for a sailor dress, anyway!

Adelaide said...

Love the shoes. I have a nautical belt that I plan on sporting.

Outdoor Leisure Direct said...

Hey ..
Nice collection.. m Just loving it :)