Friday, January 8, 2010

Practical? or Whimsical?

Alright I'm not sure if you remember yesterday when I mentioned that my husband owes me 2 pairs of shoes. I helped him out with some school stuff and of course my bargaining tool is always shoes. Now comes the time when I confess that I actually did end up buying the Slinger by N.Y.L.A. on Wednesday night - the Prada knock off I featured in yesterday's post. Which, of course, brings me down to 1. And I need your help to decide. First up is practical.

Steven by Steve Madden - Blend

Ah yes, now wouldn't this nude mini wedge be the ultimate in practicality? They would be so easy to throw on for a day of power shopping or even a day at the office. I love that these aren't technically a flat but as far as I'm concerned they are just flat enough. The color is perfectly nude and I could definitely see these as my go to shoe come spring. Plus after contemplating my shoe collection I could stand to incorporate more basics. Here is the video so you can see what these look like on.

Next up is whimsical.

Now I'll be honest and say that I wasn't sold on these based on the picture but then I clicked on the video link and was done in. This sweet yet sexy heel defines the word "whimsy". I love the artsy spring print and satiny look of that fabric upper but these are definitely the opposite of the word practical. Ultimately I wonder how much wear I would get out of them but then on the other hand when you did wear them what a statement you would make. See below for the video that "sold" me.

And that leaves us with my dilemma, which I need your help with. Help a girl out. For my final pair of husband owed shoes what should I do? Leave a comment or vote in the poll below.

Practical? or Whimsical?
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~ronda said...

I vote Whimsical!! those are too cha-cha for words!

The Hyper Cook said...

Although I absolutely love the whimsical, I don't think you will get more wear out of it..thats why I voted practical. I think it's the perfect pair for everyday wear and even for the office. Good luck choosing:)!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I voted for Whimsical! I love the colors in that shoe. Looks like a fun shoe to me!

foxycpa said...

Ok, I vote whimsical, but here's why. You know I'm always the practical girl and I really like the style of the flats and the endless possibilities to wear them, but I'm just not sold on nude colored shoes.

Glamour177 said...

I agree with you 100%. From the picture alone, Whimsical was just too much. But when I saw it on feet - OMG! Too stinkin' cute!

FESI said...

Love it!