Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pink Panther (Er... Leopard)

Sorry for my inadvertent absence yesterday. I got caught up in reading a book only to be so sorely disappointed by the ending that I threw it across the room. Childish? Yes. Satisfying? Most definitely.

Lakin Pump - Betsey Johnson

Make your sweetheart (or a handsome stranger) purr when you step out in these colorful leopard print heels by Betsey Johnson. The fabulously fierce bright pink fabric upper will all but guarantee you stand out from the crowd. A muted pink patent leather heel balances out the full on wow factor of the pump quite nicely. See it for yourself below.

Also today Fergie shoes are featured on ideeli. Click here for your personal invite link and then score yourself one hell of a deal on these.


infiKnitGirl said...

Love the pink leopard print, so fun!!!

~ronda said...

those are very pretty. my sister would hurt someone for those shoes...yes the shoe thing runs in the family.

so...what book were you reading?

kate said...

they look beautiful, must go well with my dresses

adelaide said...

so beautiful *sniff*

holly in heels said...

These Betsey leopards are awesooooome! I'm going to lust after those for a bit! xoxo, holly in heels

The Tote Trove said...

Of all the shoes you've posted so far (well, that I've seen), these are my favorites. And of course they're by Betsey!