Thursday, December 17, 2009

Way to Go, Sporto!

Sporto Women's - Cindy

A shortie version of a cold weather boot which we would do fine by in the ol' STL but probably would not be the best option if you are living in Maine or Colorado. This is a really nice alternative to bulky Uggs. Sleek and stylish and the almond toe gives them a nice feminine aesthetic. The contrast stitching and wrap around strap at the ankle boost these into overdrive. Keep those tootsies warm and look good. It really is possible.


~ronda said...

pretty...i knew there had to be a way to keep warm and still look good. i'm sorry but those uggs are the ugliest boots i have ever seen! i guess if i lived in a colder area i might not think that way.

ShoeZQ said...

@~ronda I definitely agree with you about the Uggs. Not a fan.

~ronda said...

i'm sure they are warm and all but do they have to be so ugly? loved the boots from yesterday too. the little thingys on the side are too cute!