Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pretty As A Peacock

I ended last week on a party note and I'm starting this week the same. Please accept my apologies again for my absence the past couple of days. But I'm back baby! I first spied this stunning sandal on endless.com and was instantly smitten. Talk about a statement maker. Although as ticklish as I am you may find me giggling as I strut my stuff to and fro. Now the unfortunate news is if you would like to have these for your upcoming holiday soiree or New Year's celebration then you are out of luck. Unless you are a size 7, then you are in luck and you can purchase them here. Otherwise I'm afraid you will have to wait until after the new year. However don't let that stop you...there is always Valentine's Day ya know.


the jewells said...

I found these earlier today and posted them on facebook! I am in love! Sadly, I'm also a size 9. I found your blog by googling the shoe and hoping to find it in my size.

Msz Trin. ♥ said...

I love your blog! :]

- Hey I gave you a blog award! -
check it out: http://msztriin.blogspot.com/2009/12/blog-love-awards.html


womens shoes said...

its looking lovely here. thanks for sharing this with us.