Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yay or Nay Wednesday

On Saturday, after I ordered these

I was presented with an interesting blog post idea. Yes I know I said I was saving my money for these.

All in due time my friends, all in due time. (I'm currently less than 3,000 Marriott Rewards points away from a $200 Saks gift card which just puts me that much closer) Clearly I'm veering away from the subject. Okay. Back to the task at hand.

Apparently the folks over at are puzzled. A boot, which I had taken notice of, because it was flat and black and well many of you know all about my mission there is flying off the shelves. No one at heels is a big fan. I'm not a fan either. But it seems that there are a lot of people who are, especially since I've been told can hardly keep them in stock either. So now it's time for my first "Yay or Nay Wednesday".

Marina 2 - Paris Hilton

It's poll time.

Marina 2 - Yay or Nay
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~ronda said...

a big No! from me. Don't like at all!

Glamour177 said...

Not a fan of these for the most part, but I think the pink sole is a cute detail.

FaithJ said...

You picked a wonderful closed-toe pump for your purchase! YAY for more shoes!