Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dolce Vita VS. Report Signature - A Showdown

Well, well, well what do we have here? It's a black sequined pump showdown!!!!

In the red corner we have the Dolce Vita Beam Pump. Standing tall at 4.5 inches and weighing in at a svelte 6.5 oz, the sultan of shine, the ultimate in fabulosity - BEAM!!!!

In the blue corner we have the Report Signature King. Standing tall at an impressive 5 inches and weighing in at an equally svelte 6.7 oz, a pump that truly lives up to its namesake - KING!!!!

Who are you rooting for?


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I don't know, I like the smoothness of the first show. My mom always said I had expensive taste though:(

I like how you can see the shape of the sequin on the top shoe like you can of the bottom shoe.

I know no one should notice. I remember when I was little my grandfather would say it's okay to wear a sock with a hole in it. If anybody notices the hole...Kick them in the eye (which translates to its nobody's business anyway! LOL)

T-Charry said...

black AND sparkly....great combo!

~kristie~ said...

report signature cause of the higher heel!


Liv said...

Definitely the Dolve Vitas.
The second pair looks too cheap, with the different colors. Almost as if some sequins fell out over years of wear.

Virginia said...

I've seen the second pair in person and they're amazing, because the sequins flip, so you rub the shoe one way, lay the sequin flat and it's a black shoe, rub them the opposite way, silver! And, you can make patterns in the sequins, so a leopard print or zebra print can be done just with the touch of a finger!