Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shopbop & A Shoebox

Do you remember waaaaay back when I posted about stepping outside of my shoebox? Well unfortunately I never took the plunge but I am bound and determined to plunge head first into fall 09. Completely identified with this statement made by one of my favoritist fashionistas.

"In the shorterm, Little Miss MBA and I made a pact.
To focus on buying edgier shoes.
Ones that will work for our corporate identities and our party lifestyle.
Ones that will keep up from feeling dowdy no matter what the scene :)"

Report Signature - Loring

I can't remember the last time I coveted a shoe with a lug sole. It was definitely in the late 80's possibly early 90's. LOL! These are straight up H.O.T. Most def. outside of my shoe comfort zone. I am loving the contrasting suede ankle cuff slightly covering the heel with multiple buckles and the cut outs on the sides. These are crazy sexy. Don't know if I could pull them off but I'd sure love to try.


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes, I think that if you wear them for a while your footzy are going to need some TLC... you should look for Footzyrolls. I think they would make a great edition to your shoe collection.

Anonymous said...

I have made that same pact, but with myself since most of my friends are way way not trendy/daring enough to notice a fab pair of shoes when they see one...
Maybe I just love hanging out with people who make me look even awesomer than I already am? who knows lol but these shoes are so cute! Love your blog!
tanya said...

Lols those shoes are definitely daring! I love it! I think I made a similar pact for myself, but not just with shoes - with everything. I can't even step into a nine west anymore, everything looks so bland. And I like that you don't have to spend a ton of $$ to get interesting shoes, you just have to keep an eye out for them. said...

holy sh*t I just clicked through to the shoe page and saw that they have a 5" heel. My boyfriend is only 2 3/4" taller than me so I'm sure these will not fly with him.

TheShoeGirl said...

These are great!