Monday, April 13, 2009


Damn you Gwen Stefani and your gorgeous L.A.M.B. designs. Ugh. I'm still not over the Kochi pump and then you have to go and create another drool worthy shoe. Is it your goal in life to torture me?

Laken Sandal

HOLY. CRAP. Okay so the fact that a shoe can make my heart skip a beat is sort of silly but i can't help it. These are seriously fabulous. The multi-strap detailing in just the slightest of contrasting nude hues and that heel shape. OMG. I DIE. Oh I must figure out a way to make them mine.


TeeTee said...

I want them too!

i_feel_like_a_weasel said...

Two words: Ah. Mazing. So simple. Yet so...BEAUTIFUL.

TheShoeGirl said...

This is a goodie! Maegan said...

so fab.