Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Twofers in One Week???

Well due to the post on LuckyToes yesterday you get two shoes for the price of one today! Yay! And while I can't garner that kind of deal when it comes to purchasing said shoes at least you get to look at and possibly consider purchasing two pair.

Now while I can't get you that buy one get one deal I am directing you to a site where you can get this fast shoe for a fabulous price. I originally spotted these beauties on where they are $219.95. A hefty price to pay, especially these days. But click on the link and find them for $139.99 at Quite a savings, eh? But enough about the cost let's talk about how hot these shoes are. The hot pink and black color combo is incredibly feminine and sexy. And those studs!!! Who says you can't be tough AND sexy? I love the playful shape and that striped insole too. So much fun.

Pour La Victoire Paige

The Pour La Victoire Paige sandal in this amazing sea green hue immediately caught my eye. A fabulous little shape that I've been seeing more and more. I adore the contrast between the sweet braided strap, curvy shape and that wide strap with the studs encased in leather making it's way across the top of the foot. Utterly magnificent.


JEM said...

YAY! You featured the Pour La Vicotoire style! :)

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...


Mira said... u made me want both!!!lets not tell my husband;)