Monday, March 23, 2009

Elle Spring Survival Guide - Tribal

Next up for the Elle Spring Survival Guide - Tribal. Brought to you once again, recessionista style. Enjoy.

A gladiator styled sandal with wonderful top stitching evoking a Native American vibe. I love the contrast of colors between the tobacco hued leather and red and baby blue thread. The tie in the back gives these just a hint of femininity while the multi strapped cuff toughens them up in just the right way.

Dollhouse, Jacosa

Multi strapped upper embellished with intricate beading. Just imagine how you'll shimmer and sparkle your way across the dance floor. And you could do some dancing in these. Between the stacked wood heel and 3/4 inch platform your comfort is all but guaranteed.


shoe luvr said...

Sorry to hear about your family loss. The beadwork on those Dollhouse shoes looks gorgeous. Also, the Chinese Laundry All Ins are giving me spring fever!

You're Welcome said...

i love those flats!