Monday, February 16, 2009

Stepping Outside of My Shoe Box

Shani-Castagno by Bronx

Today's post features choice #2. The Shani-Castagno by Bronx. This is more daring than the first option I posted about on Friday. At least in my book. I love the leather wrapped wedge heel and the deep dark chocolate pebbled leather. The cut out details and lace up really boosts these into overdrive and I can just imagine pairing these with a wealth of spring frocks to really help amp up the attitude. You know the attitude I'm talking about right? The don't mess with me attitude. That will pair perfectly with these.


kate said...

I recently went shopping for shoes and was looking for a comfortable dress shoe (which is almost impossible to find). However, I believe I finally found my answer to dress shoe comfort – Sofft Shoes. Wow! Are they comfy. I can actually wear high heels now. Their styles are absolutely great! I don’t have to walk around in flats to be comfortable. This is the last pair I bought Sofft Bordeaux

B. said...

I think I just died. -> im a newbie =)