Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prada Spring 09

This is a continuation of Monday's post. Since there were quite a few pairs from the Spring collection that caught my eye I thought I'd split up the love throughout the week. Nice, huh?

Crisscross Platform

Oh that platform is killing me. I love it so much. Python meets brown leather in this pretty as a picture sandal by Prada. A delicate crisscross strap connected by a gold stud adorns the top of your foot. Move a little further down and that pattern in repeated in the straps intersecting just before your toes begin. These details are so simple yet so perfect. Delicious.

Satin and Leather Platform

Alright so I'm fairly certain I've made it clear just how much I love that platform so I won't mention it again. Instead I'll talk about the petal soft satin straps. I love the wrinkled and what looks like a bit of bleaching detail. Then add not a 5 inch but a 5.5 inch heel. Holy heel, batman!

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Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

i would definitely fall down in these. but it would be worth it :)