Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flowers and Ribbons and Bows, Oh My!

It's Tuesday. The second day of my feminine details feature and today I bring you some beauties by Betsey Johnson and Anne Klein. As far as I'm concerned there aren't many who do feminine as well as Betsey. She knows what us girly girls like.

There are lots of wonderful details to enjoy in this pump! From the pretty floral print to the sweet little bow that adorns the top of your toes and let's not forget Betsey's signature pink sole. I also love that the platform in encased in the floral print. Frankly these all but scream "I enjoy being a girl!"

Simple and pretty this flat sandal doesn't need any extras. The grosgrain ribbon weaves it's way through matching patent leather to create a girlish delight for any gal's feet. The green not tickling your fancy? These also come in black and pink.

Betsey Johnson, Nox

Argh! I lurve these! Ha ha! And so does my husband. Yet another sweet shoe brought to you by the queen of femininity. There are so many charming little details. The floral appliques, the beading, and the contrasting perforated trim has me all atwitter. Woo! And that heel. Super thin and 4 inches. Thank goodness for the platform as it will make walking in them just a touch easier.


hopeful #1 said...

Oh how I love Betsy Johnson! She's got such a cute little flare going on in these two heels!!!

Love them!

JessicA said...

I must have a pair of these lovely Betsey Johnson heels. I say must loosely, because what I really mean is absolutely, positively have to have a pair.

TheShoeGirl said...

Yay Betsey Johnson! ;)

Ya know... I know that a friend of yours has a pretty substantial discount there....