Monday, December 15, 2008

Two of a Kind (well... almost)

I was browsing around on the other day and came across these two little beauties. As you may or may not know I had a slight obsession with elastic detailing on shoes this past Spring/Summer 08 and it certainly seems like this trend is continuing into 2009. Both of these styles are extremely similar to one another. After seeing them side by side I'm leaning towards the pair by Carlos Santana. I am beginning to love how designers are borrowing from each other. It is, after all, most advantageous to us consumers. Which pair do you prefer?

This pair by Jessica Simpson is nice. I really like how the zipper detail treads all the way down the stacked heel. But in comparison to the pair by Carlos Santana they look cheaper. Perhaps it's the sheen of the faux patent leather.

These are HOT! There is just something about the weave of the elastic and the stiletto heel that has me all a twitter. They definitely look more high end than the pair by JS. You could pair them with tights and be hot to trot now and then bare all in the Spring.


vickya said...

Have you seen the new wedges and flip flops by Bernie Hurst at Nooshooz, they are fab and the most comfy shoes I have ever worn , the zips are fab.

Anonymous said...

these are both copied from a sergio rossi shoe. it makes me a little sick.