Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blue Suede Shoes

When am I not coveting shoes? Although my husband will attest that I have been after finding the perfect pair of blue suede shoes for a while now. Jessica Simpson had a pair in her collection that I tried on and loved many moons ago but I never bought them. But now... now I've found these. Yet another drool worthy shoe brought to you by Dolce Vita.

Please excuse me while I have a completely spoiled child moment here. I want! I want! I want! There isn't a single thing NOT to love about these. The color is simply the perfect shade of blue and the shape. Don't you get me started on the shape. Very similar to the Madison featured on Monday but the striking difference comes in the form of the perfect little detail. The t-strap with the double buckled straps. It's insane how much I desire them. Insane, I say.

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