Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Make Me Feel Like Dancin...

Ah, what girl doesn't need some dancing shoes? Now I'm not talking ballet, tap, or jazz shoes. I'm talking night out on the town, holiday party, New Year's Eve dance type of dancing shoes. The kinds of shoes with touches of satin or sparkle. Totally glam and totally hot and totally impractical. But go ahead live it up a little. Wear them with your dark denim and a flirty top or pair them with a pair of opaque tights and wear them to work with a structured skirt and shirt or better yet wear them dancin!

Max Studio - Salsa Heel

Anyone up for some Salsa dancing? (That was too easy.) Seriously though, I really love these. The shape and the sweet gathered and beaded detail on the t-strap. Paint your toes red and then paint the town. Yes, please!

Oh Deer - Gelato Heel

It's the shape here that really gets me. It sends my heart all a flutter. Don't laugh but I LOVE the cotton candy hue. If the pink is a little much they also come in gold but if you really want to stand out - I vote pink. Do they make you as giddy as they make me?

Guess - Nisadora

Wow there are a ton of girly elements in this pretty little peep toe. That multi-colored satin, the ruching around the toe. All adorned with a perfect flower. I love the femininity and I love the colors. These are my top pick.

Put a little sass in your step with this hot pair of heels by Betsey Johnson. Glitter and glide your way onto the center of the dance floor and you're bound to capture everyone's attention. Let's hope you brushed up on your moves.


Anonymous said...

Those purple shoes with the rosette on top of gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and there's something for you on my blog. ;)

Diabolina 3.1 said...

i want those salsa ones :)