Monday, November 3, 2008

Riding Boots - Cheap and Chic

A fair warning before I begin my post. Things are CRAAZZZZZYYYY at work so I can't promise lots of blog love this week but I will try my best my fine friends. Now on to the important stuff. It's no secret that riding boots are all the rage right now. I blogged about this hot little trend a while back and I gave you some options in the platinum, gold, and ATM range. Well since I know it's no secret that many of us are pinching pennies these days I've scoured the internet and found some stylish finds for... drum roll please... under $50! I think you could scrounge up the money to pay for these in your couch, or your car seats, or your change jar.

Merona - Kathy Riding Boot

A stylish little boot from Tar-jay. The buckle details at the ankle and shaft are spot on. I love the slight curve at the top. Simple and chic. I love these.

Morgan Riding Boot

Payless is really stepping up their game lately and this little boot is certainly helping their cause. These are little heavier, a little more rough around the edges than the Merona Kathy and I like it. Again we have great buckle detailing at the ankle and shaft. There is a great traction sole and the heel will give you just a smidge of height. I also really like how the "leather" looks a little distressed, a little worn in.

I love the seaming on this pair of boots from Jacque Pe-nay. The Jacque Pe-nay gets a bad rap and I'm not really sure why. I've found some incredibly cute things there and I truly believe that if they changed their name to the above moniker they could really up their ante. Seriously. The best part is that these are made from actual leather and I kind of cheated a little bit. The regular price of these beauties is $110 but they are currently on sale for a mere $44.99. Amazing, I know. So hurry and snatch yourself up a pair. There are still a ton of sizes left.

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JGeb said...

Thank you! I've been looking for perfect black riding boots. I really want the ones from Jacque-Penay, but not in my size of course :(