Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Been A VERY Bad Girl!

Guess what the UPS man dropped off today???? Don't judge me. I did it. I bought an item off of "The List". I couldn't help myself. I kept checking all of the shoe websites that sold them and they were all very quickly selling out of my size, if not already sold out. I couldn't let these perfect little gems slip away. I simply couldn't. So here it is. Here is the item from the list that is now "MINE ALLLLL MINE!!!" And yes you may picture me tapping my fingers together in a very Mr. Burns like manner.


Brigid said...

OMG! I am SO jealous. Those are even more stunning than on the sites!!!

Kristal said...

I'm jealous!!!! They are absolutely gorgeous.

G+D said...

AAGGGHHHH!!! I fell IN LOVE with these shoes when you first posted them. They are absolutely stunning--LOVE THEM!!