Monday, August 25, 2008

Fashionable Footwear Friday on Monday????

Sorry for not posting this on Friday. The hubs and I went out to dinner. Needless to say we went to Schlafly Bottleworks and I ordered the beer sampler. 6 - 5 oz tastes of their delicious brews. Well let's just say I wasn't feeling up to blogging when we got home. Felt more like snuggling down in my bed and passing out falling asleep. Anywho today's, I mean Friday's Fashionable Footwear Friday is brought to you by Katrina. It was officially her last Friday in the office. Alas she is moving on to bigger and better things. But don't think that's why she won. It's not. I love these shoes and they are the perfect nude for her skin tone. I am still on my quest to find the perfect nude. These Louboutins are beckoning me.

Argh!!!! I ache for these shoes. But I digress....

Please see below for Katrina's debut on FFF.

Nude Pointed Toe pumps worn by Katrina

BCBGirls Stela Round Toe Croco

I think if we combined the above pairs we'd have the perfect match to Katrina's shoe, don't you?

Happy Monday everyone!


bets0281 said...

My husband asked me the other day why I didn't buy a pair of shoes with the red bottom. Without giving it too much thought I said "Do you know how much they cost???!!!"

Why oh why didn't I just shut up and buy a pair!

G+D said...

Katrina's shoes are sassy, but I'm falling all over myself over those Loubous! Damn!

G+D said...

LOVE these boots! My friend Beth asked me what the hots boots are for the fall and this style was my answer. Love them!

5_inchhls said...

I tried those louboutins on in black... and to be honest they are not the most comfortable shoes of the fall your money and splurge on some comfortable nude shoes..

these may not be nude but they are a beautiful neutral: