Sunday, July 27, 2008


I hope you'll indulge me for a moment. I started this blog about 1 month ago because I love shoes. I needed an outlet which would allow me to to express myself and that which I love. I am hopeful that this blog has a little something for everyone. I truly long for the day when I am able to spend $500+ on a pair of shoes and not even blink an eye. I'm not selfish or petty but I realize that last statement may make it seem so. There is something to be said for quality, no? I am passionate about a great number of things that can't be attributed to material goods. I am passionate about animals, the future of this country, and the environment to name a few. I am happy with my life and the choices that I've made and I hope that this blog adds a little brightness to your day. So please enjoy and continue reading. I love to feature shoes that inspire my passion and desire. My heart truly aches and I tingle with excitement when I see a pair of shoes I love. I can only hope they inspire a little of the same in you.

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