Monday, June 23, 2008

Nudist Colony

As my coworkers will attest I have been on a search for the perfect nude shoe. It's the quintessential addition to any woman's wardrobe. If you find the right shade it elongates the leg AND - BONUS - you can wear them with everything! At 5'2" I am always looking for ways to make my legs look longer. This is also why 6 days out of 7 you will find me in heels. The higher the better. I have been working in my office for 5 years now and for the first three the people working there thought I was 5'5"/5"6". Heels are my thing. The problem. I've been to all of the major department stores here in the STL. I have also been to a few non-department stores and I haven't found them. I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I don't even know exactly what I'm looking for but I am sure I will know it the instant I slip them on my feet. I found this pair today on Zappos. But I'm not %100 sold on them. First of all I have some qualms about purchasing nude shoes on-line. You really have to try them on to know whether or not they will be the perfect match. Secondly they are $210. Don't get me wrong that's a great price for Stuart Weitzman. All of the elements are there but I'm holding out hope that I might find THE perfect pair in the 'Lou AND they'll be on sale!

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Alba said...

So this isn't exactly what you are looking for. But how cute, right?!

It's the Lance shoe I'm digging on her second page of show styles.